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Review the ad options below, and then feel free to contact us to arrange your ad placement:

Here are some ad rates and details:

  1. Text ads: $50/month (home page and interior pages). Up to 25 words with one link (25% more for each additional link).

  2. Contextual text link ads: $50/month. We will add a sentence within the body content of select pages, and link a word of your choice to your site.

  3. Banner ads: $75/month. One banner graphic, maximum 468x100 pixels. Animations allowed. Additional accompanying text and one link, up to 15 words, is $25 extra/month.

  4. Article ads: $100/month. Includes a text link ad from a page within our site, linked to a custom article ad hosted on our web site. You provide the content of your choosing (one page, up to 3,000 words, HTML).

  5. Sponsor ads: Looking for a major ad campaign, that will get the maximum coverage and exposure? We accept online casinos and other companies looking to place large graphic ads covering many pages on our web site, including our e-newsletter. Contact us to discuss options and pricing.

  6. Exclusive page ads: We allow your ad to be the only ad on some pages. Inquire with the page you are interested in placing an exclusive ad on (not available on the home page). Double the standard rates.

  7. Discounts for long-term campaigns: One year and longer campaigns receive significant discounts (15%, campaign paid in advance).

  8. Discounts for multiple ads: Up to 15% off when you run two or more ads in one campaign.

  9. See your ad before you pay: We'll get your ad campaign up and running for you to review before payment is made! Payment is required in full on acceptance of the campaign (invoices available).
Terms and Conditions

Here are our policies on advertising campaigns:

  • - Minimum ad campaign budget is $300. No ad campaign can be accepted without a payment of a minimum of $300.

  • - No CPA or revenue share ads. We only accept flat-rate paid ads.

  • - No guaranteed click-through or impression rates.

  • - Payment by PayPal to: ads at smartgaming dot com.

  • - All ad content must be hosted on the Smart Gaming web site (i.e. images).

  • - For text ads, advertiser must supply linking text. But, we will add new text content within pages for your text ad to use and link from.

  • - All ad campaigns must be paid for in advance in full. As a courtesy to our advertisers, we will get your campaign up and running on our web site for you to review, prior to payment. But, payment is required in full once your campaign starts (unpaid and expired ads are automatically removed).

  • - Invoices provided to advertisers on request.

  • - We accept online casino ads. We do not accept ads for sites that promote gambling scams of any kind, including betting schemes for craps, blackjack, etc. Smart Gaming only promotes legitimate advantage gambling, such as dice control and card counting. We do not accept ads for sites completely unrelated to gambling.

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