How to Play Crazy 4 Poker

This game is a variant of Four Card Poker. Three initial bets are available: Ante/Raise, Super Bonus, and Queens Up. The objective of the Ante/Raise is to hope that your four-card hand outranks the dealer’s four-card hand. With Super Bonus, you are betting on the value of your hand and hoping that you get at least a straight or higher. The Super Bonus bet is partially tied to the outcome of your hand vs. the dealer’s hand. Players make an Ante Bet and each player and the dealer receive five cards. You look at your hand and decide whether you want to raise or fold. If you fold, you forfeit all bets. If you decide to raise, the amount you can raise depends upon what you have. If your hand contains less than a pair of aces, you can wager 1x the amount of your Ante wager. If your hand contains a pair of aces or higher, you can wager up to 3x the amount of the Ante Bet. You discard one card from your hand and keep your best four-card hand, and the dealer does the same. The dealer’s hand must have a king high to qualify. If it doesn’t qualify, you receive even money on the Raise bet and the Ante Bet is a push. If the dealer’s hand qualifies, and your hand outranks the dealer’s hand, you win even money on both bets. You get paid on the Super Bonus Bet if your four-card hand is at least a straight or higher, regardless of what the dealer has. If you have less than a straight and beat the dealer’s hand, or the dealer’s hand doesn’t qualify, the Super Bonus is a push. The payoff table for the latter increases as the rank of the hand increases with a max payoff of 200 - 1 for four aces. You get paid on the Queens Up wager if your hand contains at least a pair of Queens or better. Payoffs increase as the rank of the hand increases, up to 50 - 1 for Four-of-a-Kind.

A quick-and-dirty strategy is to raise 1x when your four-card hand contains at least King-Queen-8-4 through a pair of Kings; raise 3x with a pair of Aces or higher; and fold with a hand that contains less than King-Queen-8-4. The overall payback on the Ante/Raise/Super Bonus is 98.9%, and for Queens Up its 93 - 97% (pay schedule dependent).