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By Henry Tamburin

A new product has come to my attention for players who like to play poker-based table games such as Three Card Poker, Let It Ride. Ultimate Texas Hold’em, and more. It is strategy cards that have an accurate playing strategy for each of these table games that will minimize the house edge. How do I know the strategy on these cards is accurate? They were developed by James Grosjean.


For those that don’t know who James Grosjean is, let me give you a brief primer. Grosjean is probably one of the top (if not the top) active professional players in the world. He makes his living beating the casinos legally at their own games. His career as a professional blackjack player is legendary. Besides being one of the worlds top blackjack players, he is also the youngest player to be admitted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame.


Grosjean not only beats the casino at blackjack, but also at other games. He studies the games and analyzes the rules and payoffs to come up with strategies that give him the statistical edge over the casino. His book Beyond Counting: Exploiting Casino Games from Blackjack to Video Poker (published in 2000) is a classic because it explained various forms of legal advantage play for different casino games (used copies of his book have been sold for hundreds of dollars on eBay). His latest book, CAA: Beyond Counting includes new topics such as rebated losses, free-rolls, coupons, betting theory, trip bankroll, tournament play, new games, and more. The retail price of the book is $250 (why is so expensive? ... because the information contained in just a few chapters is worth a hundred times the cost of the book for a professional player, and even an amateur player can recoup the $250 cost easily).


Grosjean is also well known in the gambling community for his legal victories over two major Las Vegas casinos (a jury awarded him $99,999 in actual damages plus $500,000 in punitive damages for forcibly being detained, handcuffed, and held against his will by security officials ... the punitive damages were subsequently reduced to $300,000). Grojean also sued Griffin Investigations, Inc. (a company that kept records of cheaters, card counters, and other “undesirables” on behalf of the casinos) for having false information about Grosjean and Michael Russo in their files (Griffin had them listed as cheaters, which there aren’t). Grosjean and Russo sued Griffin and a Las Vegas casino for libel, false arrest, and violations of civil rights. They won a $150,000 judgment, which forced Griffin Investigations to declare bankruptcy. (In court, one of the Las Vegas casinos introduced Grosjean’s book Beyond Counting, as Exhibit AA; hence, the title of his new book).


I know Grosjean from my attendance at the annual Blackjack Ball and from playing against him in blackjack tournaments, (he wears disguises when he plays in televised blackjack tournaments). Grosjean is the real deal. To give you an idea of his capabilities, Grosjean has finished first so many times in the tough Blackjack Ball test that is given to the attendees of the Blackjack Ball each year, host Max Rubin has barred him from taking future tests (and believe me, there are no slouches at the Blackjack Ball). In addition, one of the rewards for the winner of the Blackjack Ball Cup is a secret advantage play in a casino somewhere from Grosjean (that few players know about, meaning the tip is worth a lot of money to the winner).


I hope you get the picture of who Grosjean is and why I would recommend his strategy cards. However, you are probable wondering why Grosjean would develop strategy cards for games in which a player will not get a statistical advantage with basic strategy. According to Anthony Curtis, publisher of the strategy cards, Grosjean spends countless hours in casinos at his trade and he observed that most recreational players who play these games play incorrectly because the correct playing strategies are non-intuitive. By using the strategy on the cards, gamblers will be saving money (which is why he created them).


Grosjean’s table-games strategy cards cover the following seven poker-based games: Three Card Poker, Four Card Poker. Let it Ride, Caribbean Stud, Mississippi Stud, Crazy 4 Poker. Flop Poker, and Ultimate Texas Hold’em. The complete set of strategy cards includes two cards for each game, one that fits in your pocket and a second card that’s small enough to carry in your wallet (total of 16 strategy cards). The strategy on the cards in easy to understand and use. If you use the strategy cards when you play any of the above games, you can easily recoup the cost of them ($20) in just a few playing sessions.

I’ve added these new strategy cards on my web store at Whether it’s strategy cards for blackjack, video poker, or the above poker-based table games, on your future trips to casinos be smart and don’t leave home without taking these handy cards with you.