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How to Play Quick Quads

By Henry Tamburin

A few months ago, I explained how to play the six-coin video poker games Super Times Pay and Spin Poker. This month, I’ll cover Quick Quads.


Quick Quads offers a player more chances at four-of-a-kind hands (i.e. more quads). By wagering an optional sixth coin per line, the Quick Quads feature is activated, meaning if the sum of the fourth and fifth card in your hand equals the rank of the cards in your three-of-a-kind, you will be paid for a four-of-a-kind hand. Therefore, a final hand of 5-5-5-3-2 counts the same as 5-5-5-5-2 and both would receive a four-of-a-kind payout for four 5s.



Let’s try a sample hand so you get the gist of how this works. Suppose on the deal your cards are:


7c 7s 7d 8h 9s


You’ve got three 7s, you discard the 8h and 9s, and are dealt a 5d and 2c on the draw, giving you:


7c 7s 7d 5d 2c


The fourth and fifth cards in the hand (i.e., the 5 and 2) add up to 7, which gives you a Quick Quad (ie., your hand qualifies as a four-of-a-kind).


The Quick Quad feature only applies for quad 2s through 10s (not for quad picture cards or Aces), and the Ace counts as one. Therefore, a hand such as 4-4-4-A-3 would qualify as a Quick Quad; however, a hand such as J-J-J-J-5 would not.


The table below shows the five- and six-coin payouts (i.e. Quick Quads) for 9/6 Jacks or Better. Note that the sixth coin payout is the same as the fifth coin payout except for four-of-a-kind (which is greater ... 236 coin payout instead of 125 coins).



Five  Coins

Six Coins

Royal Flush



Straight Flush



Four of a Kind



Full House









Three of a Kind



Two Pair



Jacks or Better




As you would expect, the Quick Quad feature increases the frequency of quads (by 2.7 times) compared to a traditional game but it also results in changes to the traditional basic playing strategy (more on this shortly). The extra value you get by betting six-coins per line slightly increases the Expected Value (EV) over a five-coin traditional game. The table below summarizes the differences in EV for several popular games available in the Quick Quad format (from, video poker page).



5-coin Traditional ER

6-coin Quick Quads ER

9/6 Jacks or Better



8/5 Bonus Poker



9/7/7 Double Bonus Poker



9/6 Double Double Bonus Poker




In addition, keep this in mind also when you play Quick Quads. Because you are only getting five-coin paybacks on hands other than the Quick Quads when you wager the sixth coin, the volatility of the game is greater than a traditional five-coin game.


You’ll find a host of popular games on Quick Quad machines, including Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Double Bonus Poker, Double Double Bonus, Triple Bonus, and more, on single- and multi-line machines. (What you won’t find is Deuces Wild and Joker Wild games.) There are short-pay versions of Quick Quad games but to get the maximum ER you should only play the full pay versions, betting six-coins per line.


To obtain the slightly higher ER when you play a Quick Quad game, you not only must wager the maximum of six-coins per line in a full pay game, but you must also play every hand perfectly. And here’s the rub for Quick Quads: there is a vast difference in playing strategy for Quick Quads compared to the same game played at 5-coins per line (i.e. a traditional game). For example, look at the following hands and tell me how you would play them if you were playing a 9/6 Jacks or Better Quick Quads game.


4c 4s 4h Ac 9s


6s 6c 6d 3h 2c


When you play Quick Quads, you have to review carefully the cards you would normally throw away. For example, in the first hand, you should hold the three 4s and the ace kicker, hoping to draw one of four undealt 3s for a Quick Quad. (Most of the time you would hold a lower ranked card along with your three-of-a-kind.) In the second hand, you have a choice of either holding the 3 or 2. However, it’s best to hold the 2. That’s because there are four undealt 4s that would give you a Quick Quad compared to only three 3s if you held the 3 kicker. In addition, when you hold the 2 kicker, there are three undealt 2s that will give you a full house; whereas, you can’t make a full house holding the 3 kicker (drawing another 3 gives you a Quick Quad not a full house). Therefore, most of time you should hold a lower ranked kicker that is less than half the value of the rank of the three-of-a-kind.


What you don’t want to do when you play Quick Quads is to use a traditional playing strategy (that would be very costly). Instead, you should learn the appropriate Quick Quad playing strategy for whatever game you want to play on the Quick Quad format. (The Quick Quads playing strategy is different from one game to another.)


You’ll find Quick Quad playing strategies for several popular video poker games on the video poker page at, and also on In addition, you can read the free 51-page pdf book “A Quick Guide to Quick Quads,” by Bob Dancer and Glen Richards by going to


You can practice playing Quid Quads for free on Just log in with a password that you create, click on “View Full List” under “Try it Now,” then click on “Quick Quads” and “Play Now.” (Note: In addition, a training feature that will tell you if you made the right play or not is available with a paid Gold Membership. Visit for details.)


If you want to know which casinos offer Quick Quads, go to Then use the drop down menu to select either Quick Quads Poker MH (multi hand) or SH (single hand), and then click on a State. Click refresh and you will get a list of casinos that offer Quick Quad games in that State. You can also use the Games and Machine search function on to locate which casinos in the US offer Quick Quads. For casinos located specifically in the Las Vegas area, you can also go to, click on Gambling Advisor, then Best Video Poker, for a listing of video poker games in each casino, including the ones offered in the Quick Quads format.