The (Darn Near) Complete Book of Winning at Blackjack

by Bill "The GameMaster" Channels


Table of Contents


Lesson 1. Basic Strategy: 6-deck game

Lesson 2. How to Learn Basic Strategy: All games

Lesson 3. How to Learn Card Counting: Multi-deck games

Lesson 4. Betting, Money Management and Risk: 6-deck game

Lesson 5. How to Learn Basic Strategy Variations: Multi-deck games

Lesson 6. Winning at the Single-deck Game

Lesson 7. Winning at the Double-deck Game

Lesson 8. Winning at the 8-deck Game

Lesson 9. Blackjack Tournaments - Part 1

Lesson 10. Blackjack Tournaments - Part 2

Lesson 11. Blackjack Teams

Lesson 12. Tradecraft of the Pros

Lesson 13. Blackjack Variations

Appendix 1: Card Counting Systems

Appendix 2: Online Resources






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