Casino Craps: Shoot to Win!

By Frank Scoblete with Dominator

The most comprehensive craps book ever written! The only book that gives you everything you need to get a real, verifiable edge at the game of craps. You will learn:


*Step by step how the game is really played
*Which are the best bets and the worst bets
*How to use the remarkable 5-Count
8How to get a monetary edge over the house
*How to "push the casino" to get a better game than advertised
*The best and worst "buy" bets

*The physical elements of a controlled dice throw in words and pictures
*How you can develop your own Golden Touch controlled throw
*How to set the dice to reduce or increase the appearance of different numbers
*How to develop the mental discipline to actually beat the house

*How to judge what your real edge means


This is the definitive book if you want to learn dice control and get an edge in craps. Scoblete and the Dominator's dice control skills are legendary and are featured on the History and Travel Channel. Their new book describes in words and pictures how to set, grip, and toss the dice, how to practice, how to bet, and much more.

PLUS! Casino Craps: Shoot to Win! comes with a Special DVD showing unedited controlled throws by Dominator, the world's greatest dice controller, with commentary by Frank Scoblete.

PLUS! The true story of the greatest craps roll of all time! Join Frank Scoblete, Dominator and the Five Horseman as they take on Las Vegas!